Glenn Sontag

Glenn worked for the NHS between 1990 and 2002, in various clinical roles. He worked as a cardiac technician in the operating theatres in The Royal Brompton Hospital and later became clinical research technician to a consultant cardiologist. He gained his BSc in physiology in 1996.

Having left the NHS in 2002, Glenn practised as a sports massage therapist. A spring board diving accident led Glenn to seek his first osteopathy treatment. Having recovered quickly as a result, he vowed to learn the skills that had helped him.

Glenn studied osteopathy between 2003 and 2008 at The London School of Osteopathy, graduating with a first class honours degree. Glenn's passion for animal welfare led him to study for an MSc in animal osteopathy with The European School of Osteopathy where he gained a Masters with distinction in 2018 - making him one of the highest qualified animal osteopaths in Europe. 

Glenn is fully registered with both The General Osteopathic Council (GOSC) and RAMP (Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners). 

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