Sports massage

This is the style of massage preferred by those who actively enjoy sport. However, this style is also useful on those who use a lot of repetitive movement, and / or high intensity muscular work. An occupation that involves holding the body in a fixed position (e.g. desk jobs, working with computers etc.) will often cause a specific pattern of tension. Parents who have to carry young toddlers and all the associated paraphernalia will endure a different but noticeable level of physical stress.

Sports massage is similar to therapeutic in that it is performed on a couch with oil, but it uses stronger pressure to target tension within the deeper layers of the body musculature. This blend of remedial massage with focussed stretching, pressing and kneading releases tension that superficial massage may miss.

Sports massage can feel less relaxing than therapeutic massage, as a degree of tenderness is usually experienced. However, this is necessary in order for the body to release tension.

Client feedback and correct breathing are encouraged and monitored throughout the treatment to ensure that physical discomfort limits are not exceeded.

In addition to the benefits of therapeutic, sports massage provides:

• Reduced physiological fatigue and quick recovery after exertion. Sports massage can form an integral part of a training program by enhancing performance and preventing injury.

• Increased elimination of the waste products sports people have in their blood following exercise. Massage helps eliminate these faster than rest alone.

• Improved recovery of soft tissue injuries like sprains and strains, as well as reduced discomfort. Sports massage therefore complements an integrated rehabilitation program.

• Greater flexibility and elasticity of the muscular system.