Are there any reasons I shouldn't seek osteopathy?

The most common conditions where osteopathy or massage should not be performed, or used with caution, are:

• Over areas that are infected, inflamed or painful.

• Over any lumps / bumps (i.e. if the lump is cancerous, massage could spread it). Those diagnosed with cancer should not receive treatment, except where full medical approval has been given

• Contagious / infectious skin conditions.

• Abdominal massage during pregnancy (particularly first 3 months) or first few days of menstruation.

 Cardiovascular conditions, e.g. angina, haemophilia, high blood pressure, thrombosis (blood clots). Massage over varicose veins should be avoided.

• Bone and joint injuries like fractures and dislocations. In those who have had long recovery from a serious fracture, caution may be required.

• Care should be taken with those who have diabetes, as treatment can mimic exercise in terms of the change in blood sugar levels.

• Caution will be exercised in those with osteoporosis and those with conditions affecting the back, hip, shoulder or knee. 

Please consult your GP / health practitioner for further guidance, especially if you have a condition that is already being treated by a medically qualified person.