What are the effects of osteopathy?

Benefits can include reduced pain or discomfort, increased range and ease of movement, as well as improved sleep, general body function and well-being.

Side-effects can include some soreness or pain after treatment, which usually settles within 48 hours. (This may be the normal course of events for your presentation, even if you did not receive osteopathy!) This can be relieved by applying an ice-pack or heat - whatever works best for you for between 5 and 10 minutes. Although you may feel tenderness during treatment, this is often "good pain" and should produce a reduction in symptoms when things settle.

During treatment, please let your osteopath know if you experience too much discomfort - remember you are an active part of the treatment process! Certain procedures carry a potential risk to health. Although these are extremely rare, they have the potential to be very serious. You will always be given the option to give consent to these - your right to refuse is always respected and an alternative treatment approach applied.