What happens during an osteopathic consultation?

A record of your presenting complaint and background information regarding your general health will be taken. If you have any medical correspondence, X-ray / MRI reports or list of medication taken (names and dosages) or other relevant data then this will be useful to the osteopath if you bring this along. If your presentation is suitable for osteopathy, you will be asked to undress to your underwear so that a standing visual examination can take place. This is so the osteopath can get an idea of your overall structure.

The osteopath will then feel the various tissues in both the area concerned and elsewhere since this will give more information. You will be asked to perform certain movements and these will often be repeated with you relaxed and the osteopath performing them. Other specialised tests that may be performed include neurological examinations (e.g. reflexes) and you may require examination of the systems of your body, such as having your blood pressure taken. You may also be given advice on posture and some exercises may be provided.